As we are all well aware, the cultural obsession with butts is not slowing down anytime soon. Celebrities like Nicki Minaj and Kim Kardashian have put big butts on the center stage in mainstream media, creating a major shift in pop culture toward celebrating curvier body types. More so than ever before, people have been paying particularly more attention to their butts, whether it be scrutinizing their booty shape or wishing it were bigger.

The term "booty shape" is often used to describe different variations in the shape and size of the buttocks. You might be curious about what kind of shape you currently have. Or you might be wondering what kind of booty shape you want to achieve at the gym. Or maybe you want to get butt implants or a BBL, and you want to tell your surgeon what kind of booty shape you want to attain.

Whatever the reason may be, here are the 6 types of booty shapes for your reference:

1) Round: This shape is characterized by well-rounded and full buttocks, often with a prominent curve from the waist down to the hips.

2) Heart-shaped: A heart-shaped booty has a narrower waistline that gradually widens at the hips, forming a more pronounced curve. The buttocks are full and rounded at the bottom, resembling the shape of a heart when viewed from behind.

3) Square: A square booty has a more angular appearance, with the sides of the buttocks running in a straighter line from the waist down to the hips. The buttocks may still have volume but lack the pronounced side curves seen in other shapes.

4) V-shaped: This shape is characterized by narrower hips and a wider upper back, resulting in a "V" appearance when viewed from behind. The buttocks may be less prominent and have less volume compared to the upper body.

5) Upside-down heart: This shape features a wider, fuller lower portion of the buttocks, which tapers toward the waistline. It resembles an upside-down heart when viewed from behind.

6) Oval: An oval-shaped booty is characterized by a longer and horizontally stretched appearance. It lacks the pronounced curves seen in other shapes but may still have volume.

Now that you know the different booty shapes, it's important to remember that these terms are generalizations, and individual bodies can exhibit combinations of these shapes or even fall outside these categories. At Perks, we want to embrace and appreciate all booty shapes and sizes, that’s why we created an internal lift system in our liftwear products. One thing we know for sure is that a little lift can make any booty look better, that’s why we recommend our lifting bike shorts so you can get the extra oomph that your booty deserves! We hope this article has helped you identify the different types of booty shapes better, and don’t forget that a good pair of sculpting shorts can go a long way for your butt!

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