Biker shorts were a huge 90s fashion trend, and this iconic clothing item has returned to fashion circles worldwide. If you ask us, this is unsurprising, considering biker shorts like the ones sold by Perks Liftwear are stylish, comfortable, and incredibly versatile.

However, we understand that making the leap can be a little daunting if you’ve never been on the biker shorts hype train before. That’s why we’ve answered the burning questions you might have about biker shorts in this blog. 

What Are Women’s Biker Shorts?

Often, the first question on people’s minds when they begin looking into shapewear and casual wear is: What are biker shorts? 

Simply put, women’s biker shorts are form-fitting, stretchy shorts designed for cycling or casual wear. 

These shorts typically have a shorter inseam and are made of breathable, moisture-wicking fabric that compresses to enhance comfort and keep all your bits where they need to be when you’re on the go. 

Although these shorts indeed gained popularity as activewear, they have transitioned into everyday fashion. They are now a must-have regardless of what you plan to do during the day. 

How Should Women’s Bike Shorts Fit?

Your bike shorts should be skintight, not baggy. If they don’t fit like a glove, they won’t give you the aesthetic look you’re after. Your bike shorts should also feel like they are shaping your bum, tum, and legs. 

Typically, the best way to check if they provide what they promise to deliver is to examine them for bonded side panels, a tummy-tucking, high-rise waist, an anchored waistband, and strategic seaming. 

If designed with these elements in mind, they’ll give you a comfortable and attractive look. 

What to Look For in Women’s Bike Shorts

When looking for a pair of women’s bike shorts to add to your collection, you must keep a few things in mind. 

Firstly, you need to determine if they are comfortable. Secondly, they must fit snugly and feel like they are hugging your lower half. Thirdly, the fabric must be breathable, compressing, and moisture-wicking, all while feeling luxurious on the skin. 

What Do Women Wear Under Biker Shorts?

Nothing. A bare tush is best. 

This might sound a little scandalous, but biker shorts are made to be tight, form-fitting, and compressive, and some are even designed with built-in butt-lifting padding. 

So, adding a layer of clothing (your underwear) underneath biker shorts will create a seam and take away the seamless look. 

Besides messing with your appearance, wearing something underneath your biker shorts will increase your likelihood of chafing, which you definitely want to avoid. 

Can Curvy Girls Wear Biker Shorts?

There are no weight restrictions on biker shorts, so if you’re on the curvier side, nothing is stopping you from owning a pair. In fact, biker shorts that double as shapewear can enhance the figures of the curvier gals out there!

Wrap-Up on Biker Shorts for Women

Now you know everything you need to know about biker shorts sold by companies like Perks Liftwear. Armed with this information, you’re ready to set out on a shopping spree to find a few comfortable pairs that will help you look stylish every day.

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