No matter the season, seamless shorts are among the best items to pair with your favorite clothing. These shorts are also commonly known as biker shorts and have gained immense traction in the athleisure community. 

However, even though biker shorts are appropriate for endless outfit choices, pairing them with your favorite items can be challenging. 

Luckily, at Perks Liftwear, we have extensive experience styling seamless shapewear biker shorts and can give you a few styling tips. So, if you’re ready to dive into the world of wearing biker shorts, read on.

Are There Different Types of Seamless Bike Shorts? 

Although they might all look the same, different biker shorts are made from various fabrics. 

For example, shapewear biker shorts are usually made from a sturdy compression fabric, and some have built-in booty lifter elements like the pairs sold by Perks Liftwear. But they all have one thing in common: They are form-fitting and tight.

Other types of seamless biker shorts are made from cycling materials or cotton. It should also be noted that biker shorts come in different lengths, the most popular being five to eight inches, where the length falls mid-thigh to just above the knee. 

How Do You Style Seamless Shorts? 

It’s time to discuss three of the easiest and most comfortable ways to wear this clothing item, a fashion favorite among millions. 

1. Match Them with Your Sports Bra

Are you a gym girly who loves athleisure? If so, you can pair seamless shorts with your favorite sports bras. This outfit will work regardless of whether you’re dressing for the gym, for breakfast with a friend, or to run a few errands. 

Matching your biker shorts with your sports bra will make it look like you’ve tried to put together an outfit without you really… well, trying. It also doesn’t hurt that you’ll look good with minimal effort.

2. Match Them with a Baggy Tee

Are you an individual who loves to feel cozy in your clothing without feeling trapped beneath layers of fabric? If this sounds like you, you might want to pair your seamless shorts with a baggy tee. 

Even in the warmer months, this outfit combination looks stylish without sacrificing comfort. It also doesn’t hurt that this outfit is appropriate for numerous occasions, including festivals, concerts, the movies, a casual date, the gym, or even relaxing at home. 

3. Wear Them Underneath Clothing

Not everyone wants to wear seamless shorts as outerwear; there’s nothing wrong with this. If you want to wear your seamless biker shorts underneath your clothing, you can.

The great thing about shapewear biker shorts is that they can be worn underneath nearly anything, including dresses, skirts, jeans, leggings, gym sweatpants, and jumpsuits. 

Moreover, seamless shapewear shorts have the added benefit of smoothing and flattening your curves to give you a sleek and tucked silhouette. 

Wrap-Up on Seamless Shorts

Seamless shorts are a wardrobe must-have. Not only are they versatile, comfortable, and easy to wear, but they can give the added benefit of a sleeker and more shapely silhouette. 

If you want to try out seamless shorts to create comfortable outfits, you can grab a pair from Perks Liftwear. Our seamless shapewear shorts are perfect for every occasion, no matter how casual or formal the affair.

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