Millions of women wear shapewear daily to enhance their figures and how their clothing fits. Since so many women wear shapewear, it has become a million-dollar market that has seen the inception of numerous types of shapewear. 

Nowadays, women can wear anything from long-leg shapewear, tummy control shapewear, hip and thigh shapers, bum-lifting shapewear, and full-body shapewear. Out of all these shapewear garments, full-body shapewear for women has become one of the most popular because it is versatile. 

In this blog, the team at Perks Liftwear has detailed what this shapewear is and how it is versatile so that you have a better idea if it belongs in your closet. 

What Is Full-Body Shapewear? 

Full-body shapewear is a form-fitting garment designed to enhance and smooth your body's silhouette. Depending on the brand, decent-quality shapewear will be made from tight and stretchy materials like compression fabric, cotton, and spandex blends. 

In addition, unlike other shapewear items, full-body shapewear covers your entire torso, from bust to thighs, to provide full-coverage shaping and support. These garments can provide this coverage because they are designed to have shorts that usually sit above the knee and fabric that comes all the way up to the bust and shoulders with straps. 

How Is Full-Body Shapewear Versatile? 

Despite its full-coverage design, full-body shapewear is incredibly versatile and can serve multiple purposes. Let's have a look at how this shapewear is versatile below: 

  • Its seamless design and stretchable fabric enhance your body's natural curves while providing a smooth silhouette under various outfits. 
  • It offers practical benefits like posture support, which helps alleviate back and neck pain while giving you the poised appearance you desire. 
  • The versatility of full-body shapewear extends to its ability to be worn discreetly under everyday attire and special event outfits. This means you have greater flexibility in wardrobe choices and outfits that look good on you. 

Can Shapewear Reshape Your Body Permanently?

So you know that full-body shapewear is versatile, but can it permanently reshape your body? Fortunately, this is not the case, and for good reason. If full-body shapewear were to permanently shape your body, it could cause numerous adverse health effects. 

Most modern-day shapewear will cinch in the parts you want to be smoothed out without causing damage to soft tissues and organs (like some olden-day corsets used to). 

Depending on the design, full-body shapewear is flexible, so it lets air pass through, which allows your body to return to its natural state as soon as it is taken off. 

However, not everyone will have the same reaction to wearing full-body shapewear, so it's best to listen to your body and only wear it as often as you are comfortable with. 

Wrap-Up on Full Body Shapewear Versatility

Full-body shapewear is versatile and can be worn with most outfits, from casual affairs to formal occasions. How often you wear this garment is up to you and your comfort level. If you want to try shapewear but would rather start with something a little easier to wear, you should consider the Women's Lift Bike Short by Perks Liftwear.

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