Shapewear has been a common addition to many women's wardrobes for decades, but it wasn’t until recently that low-back shapewear became a trend and a must-have shaping garment. 

But how do you pick the perfect low-back shapewear clothing item, and what are the benefits of wearing this garment beyond making you look good? Read on, as the team at Perks Liftwear has answered these questions.

Want to Use Low-Back Shapewear? What to Look For

We know a thing or two about this garment and will share our knowledge to ensure you pick out the right low-back shapewear garment. 

1. The Area of Back Fat the Low-Back Shapewear Targets

Have you ever tried to zip yourself into your favorite dress or something new, only to discover that it cuts into your back and creates one of the most dreaded sights: fat rolls? 

If you’re acquainted with this experience, you need to find a low-back shapewear item that targets your problem areas. 

Luckily, different types of low-back shapewear target different areas of the back that might need shaping and contouring. Once you’ve identified the area of your back you want to smooth and flatten, you can choose the type of low-back shapewear you need that targets that area.

2. The Type of Straps

Low-back shapewear can have many different types of straps, and there are even strapless low-back shapewear items. 

Part of choosing the right shapewear to smooth out any uncomfortable back bulges is selecting a low-back shapewear item with the right straps for your body type and the outfits you plan on wearing with it. 

Generally, we recommend purchasing low-back shapewear with thicker straps to wear a bra with your shaping garment. 

3. The Type of Neckline

To properly target and smooth pesky back fat, you need to choose low-back shapewear that has a higher neckline in the back. It doesn’t help to choose a lower neckline, as this will leave parts of your back exposed. 

However, you will need to ensure the neckline of the shapewear coincides with the outfits you want to wear. After all, you don’t want your shapewear peeking through if you wear a particularly low-cut shirt or dress. 

What Are the Benefits of Wearing Low-Back Shapewear?

Have a look below to get a better understanding of why this shapewear garment is beneficial and worth considering for your next purchase:

  • It provides a versatile clothing solution: Low-back shapewear is perfect for those aiming to enhance their appearance in various outfits. This garment is incredibly versatile and can be worn with different dress styles, shirt styles, and even jumpsuits.
  • It enhances curves: This type of shapewear garment accentuates curves and creates a sleek and defined silhouette for a feminine and attractive look.
  • It provides support: Beyond aesthetics, low-back shapewear offers crucial support to the back and waist, which is especially beneficial for individuals with lower back pain or a weak core.

Wrap-Up on Low-Back Shapewear

Nobody likes bulging back fat when they want to look good, especially in shirts and dresses. Luckily, you now know more about low-back shapewear and how to choose the right one. If you decide to explore your shapewear options, check out Perks Liftwear, as we have shaping garments for everyone.

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