Meet Genny, the inspiring founder behind Perks Liftwear. As a busy mom who experienced the common post-pregnancy challenge of losing her butt, Genny found herself on a mission to regain her confidence and shape. She knew she wasn’t alone in this journey and wanted to help other moms who faced similar struggles. Thus, Perks Liftwear was born.
The Journey from “Mom Butt” to Confidence
After giving birth, many women, including Genny, notice significant changes in their bodies, particularly in their glutes. The “mom butt” phenomenon is real and can affect self-esteem and body image. Genny personally experienced these changes and wanted a solution that wasn’t just about aesthetics but also about feeling empowered and confident in her own skin.
Why Butt Shaping Shorts?
Genny envisioned Perks Liftwear as more than just athleisure wear; she wanted to create functional and stylish apparel that addressed the specific needs of post-pregnancy bodies. The classic bike short became a cornerstone of her collection. These shorts are designed with innovative butt-lifting technology to give women the boost they need to feel fabulous. The high-quality materials and thoughtful design ensure that every pair of shorts provides maximum comfort and support.
Innovative Design for Modern Moms
Perks Liftwear’s bike shorts are crafted with an understanding of the unique challenges faced by new moms. The elasticated waistband, strategic seams, and targeted compression work together to enhance and shape the glutes. These shorts are perfect for everyday wear, whether you’re running errands, working out, or simply lounging at home.
Empowering Women Everywhere
Genny’s mission with Perks Liftwear goes beyond physical transformation. She aims to empower women to embrace their post-pregnancy bodies with pride and confidence. By creating clothing that addresses the “mom butt” issue and other post-pregnancy concerns, Genny is helping women rediscover their strength and beauty.
Join the PERKS Movement
Perks Liftwear is not just a brand; it’s a community of strong, confident women who support each other in their journeys. Whether you’re dealing with a “mom butt” or simply looking for high-quality butt shaping shorts, Perks Liftwear has got you covered. Join us and experience the difference that well-designed, empowering apparel can make.
Stay tuned for more from Perks Liftwear as we continue to innovate and inspire. Follow us on social media and visit our website to explore our collection and learn more about our story.


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