In recent years, the shapewear industry has seen a tremendous surge in user interest, with millions of men and women using these ingenious products. 

According to a study conducted by CivicScience, approximately 15 percent of women in the US aged 18 and older use shapewear and like the products they use. 

But with shapewear becoming more popular, many individuals are questioning the different types and why they should use them like shapewear camisoles. 

If you’re interested in trying shapewear camisoles, you’ve come to the right place, as the team at Perks Liftwear will discuss what they are (and are not) and why you should try them. 

What Is the Difference between Shapewear Camisoles and Tank Tops?

Before we dive into why you should wear shapewear camisoles, we thought it best to give you a quick idea of the difference between camisoles and tank tops. 

Many often mistake these two garments for the same thing, but they are quite different. 

Knowing the difference will help you determine if you should purchase a shapewear camisole or tank top. 

Shapewear Camisoles

These flattering garments are usually more delicately cut and designed than tank tops. Usually, shapewear camisoles feature thinner and lighter top straps, like noodle or spaghetti straps. 

This makes them easier to layer underneath clothes and provides shaping and smoothing to your tummy and chest without distracting from your stylish look. It also doesn’t hurt that they feel good against the skin.

Shapewear Tank Tops

Gym enthusiasts will be well-acquainted with the classic tank top design. Although these shapewear items look like camisoles, they can be easily identified by their noticeable differences: length and strap thickness. 

Unlike shapewear camisoles, shapewear tank tops have significantly thicker straps and are usually made from sturdier and stretchier fabrics. Typically, these garments are worn as outerwear, but some people also layer them.

The Verdict

Now you know the difference between these two garments. If you’re looking for a sporty, casual look with some shaping, you might want to consider shapewear tank tops. 

However, if you need a firmer fit that's comfortable and can help showcase your figure while tucking away what you don’t want to be seen, you should try shapewear camisoles. 

Why Should You Wear Shapewear Camisoles?

So now you know what shapewear camisoles are, but why should you wear them (besides the obvious reason, of course)? 

  • Provides a sleeker silhouette: This type of shapewear provides targeted support to problem areas, such as the waist and tummy, creating a streamlined and flattering silhouette. With a sleeker silhouette, you’ll be able to wear items you might not have been brave enough to wear before.
  • Evokes an instant confidence boost: Shapewear camisoles smooth and sculpt, enhancing your body's natural contours, which allows you to look your best. When you look your best, you feel immensely confident and ready to take on the world.
  • Offers incredible versatility: Unlike other shapewear garments like tummy-tucking underwear, shapewear camisoles are easily pairable with various outfits, from business casual to formal wear. For example, you won’t need to change your shapewear after a day at work when you slip into something sexier for drinks with friends. 

Wrap-Up on Shapewear Camisoles

Shapewear camisoles are a must-have if you need a discrete garment to keep your bits where they need to be. These clothing items are comfortable, versatile, and flattering, so there’s no doubt they will have you looking your best no matter what look you’re trying to achieve.

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